French, English, Portuguese and Catalan into Spanish translator, reviewer and proofreader specialized in technical and financial fields with over fifteen years of professional experience.


  • General and specialized translations (French/English/Portuguese/Catalan > Spanish)
  • Proofreading and editing translations delivered by other specialists              (French/English/Portuguese/Catalan > Spanish)
  • Proofreading (Spanish)
  • Editing (Spanish)

Asetrad Socio profesional

The importance of a professional translator

A translator is a professional who possesses the skills and resources that not everybody has; he acts as a linguist while at the same time he incorporates the role of economists, doctors or lawyers – among others -, depending on the translation field he is working in. Some essential skills include:

  • Having a proficient knowledge of the original language in which the text is written and also strong reading and writing skills in the language he is translating into. That’s why it is strongly recommended to always hire professionals who translate exclusively into their mother tongue.
  • He is familiar with the subject material he is going to translate, has a profound understanding of its content and so is capable of translating with extreme precision.
  • Undertakes appropriate research in order to fully inform himself of the subject matter and to translate a text correctly.
  • Has a good command of the software translation tools that allow him to accelerate his work process.

Taking the above reasons into account, when seeking a translation project, proofreading or linguistic advice, do not hesitate: hiring a professional and experienced translator is always your best bet.